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Travelling with Baby to Torrevieja: A Guide for Parents

2nd February 2024

Parent with a baby on her lap, sat on an plane.
If you’re a parent, we don’t have to tell you what a joy it is to be one. The feeling of love is indescribable – immensely powerful and meaningful. It might be the deepest, most profound bond that a person can have with another person.

But… It’s hard. It’s not just the sleepless nights, the nappy explosions, the inexplicable screaming sessions, or the constant low-level worry that they’re okay. After a while, new parents (and those going in for another round) can feel lost in the world of parenthood – losing their identities, sacrificing their bodies, and putting effort into everything but themselves.

If you’re in that stage of parenthood, we can fully understand why taking a holiday seems like a wild idea: taking them away from their comforts and all the stuff you depend on can feel stressful. But it’s way more common and way easier for most people than you’d think.

A place like Torrevieja is ideal for new parents. It’s easy to get here, relaxed, pretty accessible and full of activities for families with older kids, too.

Let’s talk about travelling to Torrevieja with your baby, enjoying the sun safely and having time to reconnect as a family once parental leave is over.

Top tips on travelling to Torrevieja with a baby

Tip number one: sort that baby passport out now! Lead times can be weeks, so get it done as soon as possible to avoid missing your window to travel. Oh – and getting that passport photo is going to be quite a journey in itself!


If possible, travel from your most local airport, and try to coincide travel times with sleeps and naps. That’s easier said than done – babies aren’t clockwork, after all – but it can work out quite nicely if your little one is reasonably predictable. Alicante is the closest airport to Torrevieja, but Murcia Airport is only ten minutes further if you find a better deal flying there.

Essentials to pack

We recommend packing as light as you possibly can – because you’ll have more than usual to lug around besides a suitcase.

You’ll need a travel car seat, plus a stroller or baby sling (or both), so bear this in mind. Airlines usually let you take a folding buggy and a well-packed car seat in the hold at no additional charge, but make sure you check for add-ons if you’re going with a low-cost provider.

Of course, any bottles, sterilisers and feeding accessories will need to come with you, too. Spanish water is generally safe, but should still be sterilised in a kettle for formula. Cow’s milk conforms to stringent EU standards as well, and big brands of formula are all available here, too. Nappies, wipes and baby toiletries are widely available also – so when it comes to consumables, you won’t have to bring it all, unless you feel more comfortable doing so.

If your baby has allergies or specific medical needs, then bring these with you – Spanish healthcare is good (if you’re insured!), but any health-related stuff can be tricky in another country, especially if there’s a language barrier.

Prepare for the weather – and avoid the hottest part of the year

It’s seldom cold in Torrevieja. The weather is hottest between June and August, with peaks of 35ºC not uncommon. Nights can be muggy, too. Even winter daytime temperatures can hit 16ºC – and the sun is out for an average 300 days per year! So be sure to pack high SPF sunscreen for your baby, plus hats (if they’ll tolerate one).

Find out more about the temperature in Torrevieja at different times of year.

About flying with a baby…

This usually stresses parents out a lot, not helped by countless news and social media stories of angry passengers complaining about crying babies on planes.

Our advice is to try to tune that out. Babies cry – it is a fact of life.

They also have as much right to fly as anyone else, and those sensitive to noise have many options for suppressing environmental noise, and likely already have the means at their disposal – like noise-cancelling headphones.

You are not “entitled” for wanting to take your child on holiday.

However, being the parent with a screaming baby is often an uncomfortable, exposed feeling – and it’s even worse for the little one. Getting a sense of comfort back can seem impossible at that moment.

Whether your baby is breast or bottle-fed, offering feeds when cabin pressure changes can help alleviate ear pain. Keeping their body on yours can help, and if skin-to-skin contact is possible, try that, too.

Have favourite toys and teddies on hand to soothe, as well as oral suspension pain relief just in case. Thankfully, the flight from the UK is short – just a couple of hours – so the discomfort won’t last long, either way.

Travelling with a baby to Torrevieja – FAQs

Do babies need vaccinations to travel to Torrevieja?

Spain is not a high-risk area, so no additional travel vaccinations are recommended – but do make sure your baby is up to date with their routine vaccinations before travel.

Is Torrevieja accessible with pushchairs?

Yes – read our separate post on accessibility in Torrevieja. Torrevieja (and Spain in general) loves children and babies, and just about every place you go to will bend over backwards to help a young family out.

What is there to do with little ones in Torrevieja?

Check out our top 6 children’s activities in Torrevieja – or see what’s on offer more broadly in Things To Do in Torrevieja: The Ultimate Guide.

Are self-catering holidays better with a baby?

We’re planning to follow this post up with a self-catering guide – but we’ll touch on one of the main advantages of going self-catering for families.

For parents with young babies, you’ll have everything you need in your apartment, and won’t have to use a hotel bathroom to clean bottles. You can clean clothes, cook baby-friendly meals, and can enjoy a more local experience. You can also budget more effectively, and we’ll cover this in more detail next time.

Book a Family Holiday Apartment at Los Locos Beach

Reconnecting as a family is so much more important than we give it credit. Those early years are tough on parents – and having something fun and enjoyable to look forward to is a real boost.

And you don’t have to break the bank. Babies usually fly free, and if you chose to stay with us, you’re looking at low prices for a whole apartment that you and your family are free to use in comfort.

If you’re looking for a perfect getaway with your baby, book your stay in one of our family-friendly holiday apartments in Torrevieja. Enjoy an accessible, affordable beachside apartment – with every convenience at hand.

Author: Alex

Alex is one of LosLocosBeach.com's resident writers, posting on our blog about Torrevieja and the surrounding Costa Blanca area.

“It was fantastic to see the sun rise and set over the water. The apartment was spotless and well equipped. We received excellent service from the property managers and the airport transfer company. It was nice and quiet; within good walking distance of Torrevieja centre. We would not hesitate to return in the future.”

WB from Rochford, Essex, stayed in OP4, July 2010

“An excellent location, close to everything, suitable for all ages, clean and plenty of information on the area. Excellent holiday and quick and friendly service. Couldn’t have asked for more.”

JH from Gloucestershire, stayed in an apartment, July 2012

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