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Torrevieja by Hire Car: Driving Routes & Best Days Out

5th May 2022

Car at sunset
Torrevieja isn’t exactly a big place. It’s maybe four or five kilometres across at its very widest. It’s flat, too – which makes it one of the more accessible Costa Blanca holiday destinations.

But even with local taxis and regular buses, hiring a car is still the best way to explore Torrevieja and its surrounding areas. The convenience is unbeatable, and the cost is pretty reasonable, all things considered.

And hiring a car can help you get so much more mileage out of your holiday in Torrevieja, by helping you reach some of the sights beyond our little beachside retreat.

Here’s why exploring Torrevieja by car is a great idea, and some of the places you’ll be able to reach from your base at Los Locos Beach.

The benefits of hiring a car

Do you remember learning to drive, finally getting your licence – and then getting behind the wheel all by yourself?

For most of us, our first car is our first real taste of adulthood and freedom. No bus or train curfews, no limits… Just wherever you could get to on £5 of petrol, scrounged together by you and some friends.

It was such a liberating feeling. Hiring a car on holiday is kind of the same – with the renewed sense of excitement and challenge that comes with driving in a new place.

Most of us don’t drive on holiday, and that suits plenty of people just fine. For others, that sense of limitation is unbearable. If you hate the idea of a bus timetable dictating when your evening’s over, or having to carry around shopping bags, or just don’t want to spend an ever-growing amount of money on taxis – then maybe car hire is just what you need.

And for families with young children, there’s really no better option.

Getting on public transport with kids in tow can be stressful at the best of times, even at home. When they’re small, they need car seats – and getting those things in and out of cabs is truly some next-level faff, whether they use the Isofix standard or not.

Then there’s the gear that kids come with: bags, toys, buggies… lugging that stuff around is a fantastic way to make your holiday feel more like a chore than a relaxing escape. It’s just easier to stick it all in the boot of a hire car and leave it there, ready for the next trip out.

Even if you just end up using it locally, and to get to and from the airport, a hire car is a solid choice.

For those who like to explore, a hire car really is the only way to get around.

Beautiful driving routes in Torrevieja

Pink Lake in TorreviejaTake the 10-minute drive from Los Locos Beach to the Pink Lake of Torrevieja, and soak in the unbelievable spectacle of its vivid pink waters. Or drive 20 minutes south along the coast, marvelling at the sea view, before turning westward into the hills – to tee off at one of the Murcia region’s many golf courses and country clubs. Take a tour of the parks and nature reserves dotted around Torrevieja, on your own schedule, with as big a picnic as you can possibly pack into the boot.

At the very least, load that boot up with essential snacks and supplies from one of the area’s supermarkets, or fresh local produce to cook at your holiday apartment. That’s the beauty of having your own car while you’re on holiday – it’s yours for the filling!

Nearby towns

As much as we’d love everyone to stay put in Torrevieja, there’s just so much to see and do beyond the town – and it’s located quite conveniently near some of the region’s highlights.

Alicante, Murcia, Valencia

L-R: Alicante, Murcia, Valencia


You can drive to Alicante from Torrevieja in about 45 minutes. The coastal route is quick and scenic, with opportunities to stop and take in the views. Alicante is a major Spanish port, with plenty of parking, and something for everyone. Take an epic climb (or elevator ride) up to Castillo de Santa Bárbara, one of the most well-preserved historic sites in the region, which boasts one of the best sunset views on Earth.


The capital of the Murcia region is less than an hour’s drive from Torrevieja, with some beautiful views as you drive through the hills on the A-30. The cathedral is the sightseeing jewel in this dense university city’s crown, but the whole place feels historic and lively – with opportunities to eat and drink at every turn. It’s certainly a different pace to Torrevieja, but a great day out nonetheless.


At two and a half hours by car, driving from Torrevieja to Valencia is a fair distance to go – but it’s by no means a ridiculous leap for a day trip. And your reward will be well worth it. Valencia is a bustling port city, the third largest in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. It is positively brimming with history and culture, making it one of Spain’s most sought-after destinations, and pretty busy to boot. So, why not dip your toes in for the day, before returning to the tranquil comfort of Los Locos Beach at the end of it all?

FAQs about driving in Torrevieja: what you need to know

What are the rules for hiring a car in Torrevieja?

The minimum driving age in Spain is 18 years, but some car hire companies may only allow persons aged 21 and over to rent a car (or add a young driver fee, which could be up to €20 per day). You must have a valid UK driving licence with you.

Can you drive in Torrevieja with an English driving licence?

Even post-Brexit, if you have a photocard driving licence issued in the UK, you do not need an IDP to hire a car in Torrevieja. If your driving licence was not issued in the UK, you will need an International Driving Permit or IDP. An IDP only costs £5.50 from the Post Office, and lasts a whole year.

Is it weird driving on the right?

Yes, at first – but even a less than confident driver will pick it up very quickly. Honestly, the hardest part is remembering which side to get in as the driver!

How much does it cost to hire a car in Torrevieja?

A small car, like a Fiat 500, can cost as little as £120 for a full week of hire. While that may be more expensive than taking two cab rides per day, it does give you far more freedom and convenience.

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