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Is Torrevieja Affordable for Holidays?

29th August 2023

The coast off Torrevieja, with a boat on the sea
In our humble opinion, Torrevieja is a shining jewel of Costa Blanca. It’s perfect for us: beautiful beaches and year-round great weather, with just the right level of buzz and atmosphere.

The food is amazing. The people are, too.

And best of all? Torrevieja is an affordable holiday destination, especially if you’re coming from the UK. Cheap holidays to Torrevieja are quite plentiful, and we’ll get to why that is shortly. But for now, all you need to know is that while Torrevieja is affordable, it doesn’t feel cheap.

Luxury is all around, with yacht charters, award-winning golf experiences, and a practically never-ending list of things to do in Torrevieja. But even by doing the most high-end excursions and eating the most luxurious food, you might spend less here in the hot Mediterranean sun than you would staycation-ing in the UK.

Flights can cost less than UK train fare

Even during the summer peak, a return flight from London Gatwick to Alicante Airport can be found for around £150.* For comparison, the train journey from London to St. Ives, a popular (and admittedly beautiful) UK holiday destination, can cost up to £335 per person at peak time.*

The train journey is also over six hours long, and has up to three changes. Compare that with the relative ease of a non-stop, sub-3hr flight, and it’s easy to see the winner…

Of course, you’ve got to get to the airport, or pay for the privilege of parking – but on balance, you’ll be better off (at least in terms of time spent travelling). And yes, you could drive it, too. But it’s a real slog, and with luggage and family members, it’s not going to be a very comfortable trip.

There’s something to be said for the carbon footprint and environmental impact of flying versus rail, and staycations versus holidays abroad. Especially with all the heatwaves and wildfires going on. But a large part of this is going to come down to affordability and the desire to travel – and as long as flying is cheaper than rail, people will choose the path of least resistance.

Lower cost of living, lower cost of holiday!

Torrevieja is very competitive when it comes to general living costs.

Coffees can be found locally for under €2, beers for just over. A fresh and satisfying meal from a local street vendor will come in under €10, and even a couple of luxurious courses at a fine dining restaurant in Torrevieja can be ordered for less than you’d think.

But the real benefits can be found if you stay at a self-catering holiday apartment in Torrevieja. You can eat like a local – and that means incredibly fresh local produce, bought for comparatively little, and cooked just the way you like it.

Read more – Self-catering? Experience Torrevieja’s Best Produce

Staples like bread, milk, eggs and wine are generally much cheaper than in the UK. A week’s worth of food to cook for family lunches and breakfasts might cost you less than €30 – for really decent food from local markets and supermarkets – leaving you with more budget for nights out and activities.

Getting around locally by bus is cheap, too – at €1.35 per trip.* You can get here from Alicante Airport for a flat rate of €7 by bus, or between €50-€60 by taxi.* Find out more about getting Torrevieja from Alicante Airport or from Corvera Airport (Murcia).

So… why is Torrevieja cheap?

Well, there are many reasons. Torrevieja is growing and hasn’t been saturated like other destinations have, but there is still healthy competition for tourism. This competitiveness keeps prices in check, with good availability.

As for local living costs being so low – sadly, this is in part due to generally low wages. But it’s also down to the “localness” of the area, which produces much of what it needs without imports, and good public funding for things like transport and infrastructure.

And to give you some context for just how cheap a holiday in Torrevieja can be…

To spend a week here at our holiday apartments at Los Locos Beach starts at just £224 per week. An Airbnb in the aforementioned St Ives typically costs more than that (£233) per night.*

So, if you’re looking for an easy, cheap, and beautiful Mediterranean beach getaway – we might have just the thing for you…

Stay at Los Locos Beach from £224 per week

Looking for a cheap holiday rental in Torrevieja? Book a beachside apartment at Los Locos Beach from just £224 per week!

* Note: All costs stated in this article were accurate at the time of writing (July/August 2023), but may be subject to change over time, when each link is accessed, if the website changes its prices, etc.

Author: Alex

Alex is one of LosLocosBeach.com's resident writers, posting on our blog about Torrevieja and the surrounding Costa Blanca area.

“We had a great time as normal and overall we were very pleased with the apartment. We would definitely book again.”

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