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The BEST Tapas in Torrevieja

4th April 2022

Tapas food photo
The best foodie nation in the world?

Easy, Italy. No – France, that’s it. Or is it India? Wait, no – it’s definitely Japan. Actually, British food is really good, maybe even the best. Once you get past all the jellied meats.

Sound familiar? We’d be willing to bet you’ve had a similar conversation with friends, family, or coworkers – and that nobody has ever said “Spain”. Well today, we’re here to convince you that Spain really does have the best food in the world.

Chorizo, jamón, tortilla de patata, paella… Spanish cuisine – even at its most basic – is huge on flavour. It’s a hodge-podge of spices from historic trade with Africa and Asia, splashed with olive oil, tossed with tomatoes and blended the more typical Mediterranean fayre – all combined into greatness.

It’s especially great when served as tiny little bites of heaven, enjoyed between flowing drinks, in the balmy night air of a small seaside town… Ah, it’s like we’re there… Oh wait – we are!

And so, enter tapas: like a breath of fresh air for foodies.

Unlike the deeply-steeped traditions and rules of Italian cuisine (which can make it stiff and fussy), and the complexity and pomp of French food (which can feel exclusive and unappealing), Spain’s celebrated tapas are accessible, delicious and totally void of pretentiousness.

But for what is essentially a selection of finger foods served alongside booze, tapas is remarkably sophisticated stuff. And you’re likely to crave it long after your first bite.

Of course, tapas dishes are not solely reserved for bar flies looking for something to soak up the suds. While often enjoyed as a bar snack, they also lend themselves brilliantly to crafted tasting menus – dinners that can last for hours, as you bite into one incredible flavour explosion after another.

Feeling hungry? We know we are.

Luckily for us – and for you when you visit – Torrevieja is very keen on tapas. Every year, there’s not one, but two tapas events: La Route de la Tapa, held annually in April and again in November:

It’s a lot of fun, and lets you get to know new restaurants while eating their best offerings at a great price. Locals and visitors alike take part, and with each participating restaurant offering four tapas and two drinks for just €10 – it’s easy to see why!

At the end, you can cast your vote for the best tapa.

Or, you can read on to see our semi-scientific rundown of the best tapas in Torrevieja, available to try as soon as you visit! Maybe you can make your very own tapas route, and judge our top picks for yourself.

1. Tasca Nueva Bahia

This homely tapas restaurant in Torrevieja has won several Tapas Route competitions over the years, and is noted for a huge variety of Spanish flavours: fish, lobster, cheeses, meat, and speciality sausages (hello, chorizo!). It’s a very special, proud little spot on Calle Diego Hernandez, and for us – it’s everything that’s good about tapas. There’s heaps of tradition, but lots of innovative, modern takes. And of course, there’s a lot of good wine to try!

2. Las Cañas

Las Cañas is another firm favourite, as we love seafood. But the standout is seafood here, so if that’s not your thing, then it might be worth trying another tapas restaurant in this list – as they’ll likely cater to you better. Las Cañas does amazing squid dishes, in tapa and main meal form, and if you love fresh, fried razor clams, then this is the place to get them. The wine selection is good, too.

3. Cerveceria 100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos is cheap and cheerful, in the best possible way. This little hole in the wall aims to please with tapas from €1 – yes, one Euro – on Wednesdays and Sundays. Naturally, it gets busy, but service is fast and the food is fresh, and there are literally hundreds of tapas to try! Don’t expect a wine cellar, though; it’s not that kind of place. You will find a great selection of beers, plus spritzers and sangria, instead of an extensive and fancy wine list.

4. El Mesón de la Costa

Fine dining, at its finest. El Mesón de la Costa serves up substantial tapas, of unbelievable quality. That of course comes at a price; for a special meal out, or if you’ve got the money to spare, this might be the fanciest way to eat tapas in Torrevieja. The tapas selection is a little smaller, but it’s a case of quality over quantity, here. The fish and seafood really shine, and there’s a fine selection of wines. This restaurant is loved by locals, and often gets recommended to tourists – so it’s worth saving up for!

5. Restaurante Queen Mississippi

Cocktails and tapas? Don’t mind if we do! This quirky, old-fashioned tapas joint has a steamboat theme, hence the name, and pairs cocktails with light bites – to give your tastebuds five-star treatment all night. It’s moderately priced, and the venue is beautiful, making it popular for weddings. Restaurante Queen Mississippi is a stylish, unique dining experience; a great way to get your tapas fix.

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