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Self-catering Holidays in Torrevieja: The BEST Way to Travel?

4th March 2024

A photo taken in Torrevieja of some trees and the roof of a building above a white stone wall
Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures and privileges. But for those with a keen sense of adventure, it takes on even more meaning.

For some of us, travel is like a calling. An innate need to explore and discover the truth about the world for yourself. And for people like us, the idea of going halfway around the world to stay in a hotel is almost… frightening!

Hotels, as wonderful and necessary as they are, tend to do a few things that aren’t quite so great. They can separate guests quite starkly from their true surroundings, often isolating them from the main hubs of activity and culture. They can be very “samey” and homogenous – offering nearly identical experiences from one hotel to the next.

People who love to travel want to get away from the humdrum of daily life – and don’t want to be flung into a whole new kind of Groundhog Day.

Big all-inclusive hotels can have some negative impacts, too. They can at times damage the vibe of a place that was once quite beautiful. They tend to concentrate wealth into ever-shrinking areas, all while consuming more resources than the locals themselves have access to. Sure, they contribute loads to the economy. But not everyone benefits from that directly.

Still, a lot of this can be said of travel and tourism in general. We think all-inclusive holidays are brilliant for a lot of reasons, and we’re not knocking them or the people who take them – not at all. We can really see the appeal of being treated like a royal for a week or two – and never having to reach for your wallet!

But they’re not for everyone. For some folks (those looking for something in between adventure holidays and relaxing breaks), it can get boring and feel limiting. So, to these people we say…

Have you ever done self-catering?!

Self-catering holidays are just about the best value you can hope for when you book a trip. And they’re not just for penny-pinching bargain hunters – the word “value” isn’t synonymous with “cheap,” but often, self-catering does cost much less than all-inclusive, with quality where it counts.

Self-catering holidays give you a ton of flexibility, allow you to go big on the stuff that counts with your budget – and show you the true side of your destination.

You can live like a local for a week, or splurge daily on the finest experiences in town. Even if you plan to blow your finances out completely, you can live very well for that week on a pretty meagre budget. Even with coffees, beers, wines, ice creams, and excellent locally-produced food.

But there are loads more benefits to choosing self-catering.

Let’s show you why we think self-catering holidays in Torrevieja are the best way to experience this wonderful seaside town.

Advantages of self-catering over all-inclusive

Holiday your own way

Probably the main benefit of self-catering is not having to abide by set times. Want a late breakfast? No problem. Dinner at 10pm? Why not!? You can be totally flexible with timings, and not at the mercy of the hotel schedule. Plus, you can have a fridge and cupboards stocked with everything you want, whenever you want it.


We’ve already said it – but it bears repeating. Self-catering holiday accommodation costs less, and usually by a long way. That’s because meals, snacks, drinks, laundry, and additional extras don’t have to be factored in. And because everything is averaged out on an all-inclusive holiday, you’d have to go overboard every single day to really “get your money’s worth,” so to speak. Self-catering does away with all that. You pay for boarding, and that’s it.

And anyway, you’re much more likely to get better quality, cheaper food, and drink by buying locally.

Better food and drink

Self-catering holidays in Torrevieja specifically have a massive advantage: the food markets. This really sets Torrevieja apart from other destinations, and means you can eat beautifully every day.

Read more: Self-catering? Experience Torrevieja’s Best Produce

The Main Market is one of Spain’s biggest local markets – easily the largest on Costa Blanca. Buy fruit and vegetables, meat, bread… You name it, it’s here. And the indoor market on Plaza Isabel II is a great place to buy loose vegetables and fresh ingredients – as well some of the freshest, tastiest seafood in Torrevieja.

All-inclusive meals can be good. But they’re rarely great. Fresh local produce, cooked just the way you like it? That’s always going to be a winner!

Find out what markets there are in Torrevieja and the nearby area (it even includes a map!).

Dietary needs

For people with complex dietary needs, allergies, religious dietary restrictions or any other reasons for avoiding certain foods, self-catering is sometimes the only way. All-inclusive dining experiences can be a bit of a gamble sometimes, but self-catering takes all that worry away.

That said, Torrevieja is pretty good for gluten-free and vegan preferences – but self-catering is always a sure, safe bet regardless.

Travelling with children

We’re all experts in our own children. And if you know your kids aren’t into buffets of endless choice, or will absolutely have a bad time being pulled away from a mini disco at 10pm – then all-inclusive starts to lose its sheen for travelling families.

You can cater for fussy eaters easily, and give your kids all the comforts of home, while still having a lovely holiday experience together.

Here’s some advice for travelling to Torrevieja with a baby.

The freedom to explore

With all-inclusive, you can feel an obligation to eat at the hotel for every meal. You’ve already paid for it, it’ll go to waste, we can have a bit of everything… The list of excuses goes on. But with self-catering, you only get what you need – and you can spend the rest of your meals enjoying more restaurants, authentic culinary experiences, and cooking for yourself.

Plus, there’s more opportunity to explore the world beyond the walls of a resort. It’s a healthy, balanced way to enjoy your time off – and immerse yourself in another culture.

Have a healthier holiday

Speaking of which, Spanish culture is healthy almost by design. Torrevieja embodies the Spanish seaside spirit in full – with big daytime naps (a.k.a. la siesta), loads of fresh food, olive oil by the glug… And you only really get to experience that when you’re in amongst it all.

Book a Self-Catering Holiday in Torrevieja, at Los Locos Beach

We firmly believe that self-catering is the best way to enjoy a holiday – in Torrevieja, or anywhere else!

Enjoy an affordable yet fully-equipped beachside apartment at LosLocosBeach.com, with everything you need to cook up a storm – plus easy access to the whole town. Book a self-catering holiday in Torrevieja, for a perfect Spanish seaside getaway.

Author: Alex

Alex is one of LosLocosBeach.com's resident writers, posting on our blog about Torrevieja and the surrounding Costa Blanca area.

“The apartment had everything there you need when on holidays, a bonus was the deckchairs and umbrella. Views were amazing. Plenty to do in the area such as water sports and plenty of bars and restaurants. Top place to stay.”

JS from South Wales, stayed in OP4, June 2022

“We had a wonderful, relaxing holiday and it was lovely to be back in your apartment after so long. It was great being able to hire beach towels. The grab rails in the bathroom were a great addition too. The airport transfers went very smoothly and were so convenient for us. From the time of booking, the instructions and recommendations; everything was easy and reassuring. Thanks very much for everything. It felt just like home and we will definitely be back next year.”

HL of Bristol, stayed in OP4, June 2016

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