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Mountain Biking in Torrevieja – Bring Your Own Bike

8th February 2022

Mountain bike overlooking a sunset
In a previous post about mountain biking in Torrevieja, we covered mountain bike rentals and some good trails for beginners to get stuck into. But anyone who’s really into their bikes will know that rentals – while a little more convenient when it comes to packing – just don’t perform like the bike you’ve spec’d and put countless miles into.

You’ll probably get a good enough bike when you rent; a decent hardtail, proper hydraulic disc brakes – maybe even a fatbike, if that’s your thing. It’ll be a well-kept and tidy machine. But there’s no guarantee. Sizing might not be right for the spec you want, the suspension won’t be tuned to your weight or riding style, and the gearing might not be to taste.

And if you use a dropper seatpost, as most serious riders do now, don’t expect to find one on a rental. If you really want to get the most out of mountain biking in Torrevieja, bring your own bike. It’s not as annoying as it sounds, and means you’ll get the best experience, the biggest thrills – and the most fun you can possibly have out on the trails here.

Let’s look at bringing your own bike to Torrevieja by plane, and some trail recommendations for advanced riders.

Taking a mountain bike on a plane

This sounds like a real chore, doesn’t it? Packing, padding, carrying the bike around the airport… Well, it’s really not that bad – but only if you get a few things sorted beforehand.

Before you book a flight to Torrevieja with your mountain bike…

  • Ask the airline if you can take a bike on a plane. Most are fine with it, for a fee – but others won’t take bikes at all. Do this well in advance of your trip, to make sure you get a good deal and a space for your bike. Pay close attention to weight limits, size limits and additional baggage costs – this might all make your packing process a little different.
  • Insure your bike for the trip. You’ve probably poured thousands into your gear if you’re taking it on a plane for your mountain biking holiday, so it’s definitely worth it. If you pack the bike well, damage in-flight is unlikely. But it could still get lost or stolen, at the airport or on your trip – so don’t skimp!
  • Once you know the weight limit, size limit, and full insurance policy details, it’s time to choose a packing method for your bike.

Packing a mountain bike to take on a plane

If you don’t fly with your bike often, or haven’t done so before, then a cardboard box is a surprisingly good option. If you’re serious about protection, portability and practicality, then a hard case could be your best bet.

Cardboard box

Your local bike shop will have plenty of bike boxes laying around, and most are happy to sell them on for a donation to charity or a few pounds in the till. A bike box can be cut down to size to meet your airline’s restrictions, if needs be, but try to get the smallest box that your bike will fit in – and to keep weight down, use lightweight padding materials like bubble wrap.

Break the bike down as much as possible: seatpost out, wheels off the frame, bars and stem removed from the steerer, pedals off – and wrap each free-floating piece as well as you can, paying special attention to the pointy ends.

Tie the well-padded bars and stem, seatpost and pedals down to the frame, and make sure nothing can rub or bang against anything else. Line the bottom of the box with padding to save your derailleur from bending or breaking in an impact, and carefully slide in the frame and wheels. Pad the sides and top with lightweight packing material, and tape up. Using rope tied around the box to make a handle is a good idea, too – and don’t forget to pack the tape for your return journey!

Bike bag

A dedicated bike bag will be like a deluxe cupboard box: ready padded, with compartments for each component, and a handy zip. If you travel with a bike often, this is a convenient option – but it doesn’t quite offer the level of protection of a hard case, or even a jam-packed cardboard box.

Hard case

The elite of bike packaging, hard cases can cost as much as a new mid-level competition mountain bike. But they’re super strong, lightweight and effortlessly convenient. They offer the best possible protection, and parts can be bolted down into the case, eliminating rubs, dents and damage from the inside.

To cut costs, you could have a flight case made – like the ones musicians use to travel with precious cargo – but beware the weight penalty!

Other stuff to pack

Don’t forget the tools you need to put the bike back together when you arrive – plus all the usuals you’d take on a ride; patches or inner tubes if you run them, a pump, a folding trail toolkit, a backpack, front and rear lights, and of course, your helmet and hydration supplies.


Terrain in Torrevieja is mixed, but almost always a chalk and cheese blend of loose scree and hardpack (it’s very dry here). Rocks, slate and loose dirt are common slip hazards, with no mud to speak of most of the time.

So, we recommend a fast rolling but wide tyre, with a compact central tread pattern and wider spacing on the sides. Tyres suited to rocky terrain are best, as they won’t get clogged up with shingle and spit stones – plus they’ll usually have a reinforced layer to prevent tearing.

The best mountain biking trails in Torrevieja

Once you arrive in Torrevieja, you’ll be spoiled for choice with mountain biking trails.

Torrevieja – San Miguel de las Salinas – Rambla del Rio Seco – Torrevieja

This is a long-haul and challenging route, with varied terrain. It involves roads, so be careful if you’re not used to using the right-hand side of the road. In terms of difficulty, the 37-mile route is physically gruelling, with a major elevation before a nice long (if technically somewhat treacherous) descent. The gnarlier sections could be walked if you weren’t feeling too confident about them.

It’s a long route, so pack loads of snacks and water. Avoid the hottest time of day if possible, and be sure to pack lights if you’re heading out later in the day.

Torrevieja – Laguna de La Mata – El Moncayo -Recorral – Torrevieja

A slow starter, but loads of fun as you get through the miles, this trail climbs as often as it descends, so the thrills are never in short supply. Surprises are aplenty – and sometimes the route can get hairy, so don’t let the slow, flat intro lull you into a false sense of security! Take your time if you need to.

Once again, it’s a long route and so can be physically gruelling on the climbs. Take supplies – especially water.

Torrevieja-laguna la mata-subida la teta-Benijúzar-Algozar-Torrevieja

Looking for a real challenge? This is it.

Never mind the climbs – or the 33-mile total distance – it’s on the descent is where you’ll need to focus your energy; it’s loose, rocky, and extremely fast. This one’s close to off-limits to anyone bar expert-level riders.

Looking for serious fun on a mountain bike?

Discover new challenges out on Torrevieja’s mountain biking trails. Test your grit (and your gear) on new terrain – on the bike you know best. And when it’s time for a pit stop, you might as well get a little beach time in! Book your holiday accommodation in Torrevieja at LosLocosBeach.com, and enjoy a beachside basecamp before and after you hit the trails.

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