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How Long Should You Book a Holiday in Torrevieja For?

2nd February 2023

Woman stood facing Las Salinas, Torrevieja
There’s no shortage of things to do in Torrevieja. Family activities, solo adventures, golf, food – you’ll never be bored. Even on one of those rare rainy days!

But the last thing you want to be doing on your holiday is meticulously planning each day to the hour and stressing out about time. That’s the opposite of what a holiday’s supposed to feel like.

So, we’ve tried our best to take the stress out of timing your holiday, to answer the question: how long should you book a holiday in Torrevieja for? We’ve used a mix of studies by travel experts – plus our own knowledge of the area – to give a broad “best length” for the average visitor.

How long should your holiday to Torrevieja be? 10 days…

Ten days might seem a lot for a small town, beachside getaway. Well, if you’re travelling from the UK, at least. And we also think you should take off a full two weeks, even if you’re only planning on spending ten of those days away… Let’s explain why ten is the magic number when it comes to booking your holiday in Torrevieja.

1. The town might be small, but Costa Blanca isn’t…

Los Locos Beach is located pretty centrally, and most of Torrevieja is walkable from here. It’s not a huge town – but that belies the grand, sprawling landscapes and beaches beyond.

Torrevieja is a little gateway to Costa Blanca. It opens you to exploration. Hire a vehicle and explore Torrevieja by car. You can get to Alicante in 45 minutes – or the region’s capital, Murcia, in under an hour. You get the best of both worlds this way: a seaside beach stay, with days out in the city.

For those who want nothing more than to stay put, there’s a lot to do right here. And a week might not quite be enough to see and do everything in peak summer months, especially if you plan on going to the markets, some of which only happen once a week.

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To fit everything in, and still have enough downtime to actually feel like you’ve been on holiday, ten days is a real sweet spot for visitors from the UK. It gives you enough time to recover from the slog of travel and settle in (airports, flights and transfers can be a drain – especially for families). It lets you book-end your holiday with some proper relaxation, leaving plenty of time in the middle for exploration and experiences.

Don’t forget, you’ll need that decompression time on the other side of your trip, too…

2. Science says you need longer holidays

We’d say a week is a good amount of time to explore, experience, and settle into Torrevieja.

But it doesn’t leave a lot of room to fully unwind and really feel rejuvenated.

Because, after flights and everything, a week away doesn’t actually mean a week away – it’s more like four days. You’re usually too pooped to do anything but eat and sleep on travel days, and depending on how far you’ve come, the next day can be a bit of a write-off too.

Don’t forget you’ve got to pack for the way home!

It’s not just us saying this. A study by the University of Tampere in Finland analysed 54 holidays and found that the feeling of blissed-out happiness peaked on day eight. If you account for travel days and downtime, ten days is scientifically pretty perfect – long enough to feel content, without lingering.

And sometimes, you just want a “nothing day”, and a chance to experience the sweetness of an empty calendar. Turns out, doing nothing does a lot – for your mental health and physical wellbeing. It’s essential to switch off, and have nothingness – no agenda, no itinerary… Just a day of loafing about. Preferably in the sun.

3. How about two weeks? Why not more?!

Now, you might be wondering if ten days is perfect because, after that time, you’ll run out of things to do in Torrevieja. You’d get bored extending your trip to 14 days.

Not at all! In fact, some people love it so much that they never leave. There are expats from all over the world here, who love Torrevieja as their home. The town has always retained its identity and Spanishness, while embracing its place in the modern, globalised world.

What all this means is: there’s no upper limit to how long you should stay in Torrevieja. People live and work here, all year round. And they don’t run out of stuff to do.

But, if you’re looking for a holiday, chances are you’re after just that – a holiday. A short break, somewhere new. A little time away from work, school, and normal life, to enjoy as a special experience. Eventually, school holidays end, and most of us get only so many days of annual leave from work.

So, while you could spend forever here, and still find more to explore, reality has other ideas.

Sure, two weeks is even better than ten days – and if you can, then take even longer breaks! For most people, though, taking off two weeks and spending ten days of that time on an actual holiday is the perfect, most relaxing way to do it. You get time on both sides, to properly unwind without ever feeling rushed…

That’s not to say a week is going to be a waste of time. It just means you’ll have a shorter trip – and as long as you account for it, you’ll still see and do all the best things to do in Torrevieja.

But if you can… Stay a little longer.

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