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Halloween in Torrevieja - Do They Trick-or-Treat in Spain?

Halloween in Torrevieja - Do They Trick-or-Treat in Spain?

20th October 2023

It’s October – and over in the UK, the nights are growing longer and longer, and the air is much too cold for our liking (we think we’ll stick with the sunny October days in the high 20s, thanks).

It also means that Starbucks has busted out the pumpkin spice. And – much like Black Friday – the Super Bowl and binge-watching TV series’, the UK has fully embraced this little slice of American culture.

The annual outing of pumpkin spice is just one of many American exports that has permeated through English-speaking cultures around the world. But there’s no other American holiday quite as widely celebrated as Halloween.

You see, while most people in the UK still haven’t tried a pumpkin spice latte or stayed up until 4am to watch the Super Bowl, you can bet money on anyone aged 40 or under having been trick-or-treating. Not because it’s particularly meaningful or necessary – but because Halloween is fun.

When the daylight fades and the weather turns, there’s not really much to look forward to until Christmas. So, Halloween is quite perfectly timed for those in the upper northern hemisphere. But further south and into Europe, it’s not as popular.

And that includes Spain.

How is Halloween celebrated in Spain?

The short answer? It’s not – but it has been amalgamated into other macabre holidays which happen in Spain at around the same time.

Halloween is not a widely celebrated holiday in Spain, at least not to the extent it is in the UK, and nowhere near as much as in the USA. But it has gained some popularity and recognition in Spain in recent years – especially among younger generations, the parents of young children and within English-speaking communities.

In Spain, there is a far more significant emphasis on All Saints’ Day (Día de Todos los Santos), which is celebrated on 1st November, and Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead, or All Souls’ Day – on 2nd November.

These are recognised religious holidays, when people traditionally visit cemeteries to honour and remember deceased loved ones. It’s celebrated all across Spanish-speaking cultures, but is most widely associated with Mexico – where it takes place as a colourful, decorative feast holiday, and the dead are celebrated rather than mourned.

With all that said, Halloween-themed parties and events have become more common in urban parts of Spain, particularly in the larger university cities of Barcelona and Madrid – but also right here, in Torrevieja.

Halloween in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca

Halloween has kind of been absorbed into the more “official” death-themed holidays in Spain and Costa Blanca, particularly in areas with a large expat population and young children. As a result, loads of venues nearby organise Halloween parties.

In 2022, there was a massive Halloween parade in the Plaza de la Constitución, which went around the whole block. The official celebrations for 2023 (so at the time of writing) are focused on youngsters, with a children’s Halloween party on the 29th, and a horror film festival for young filmmakers.

Halloween in Spain and Torrevieja often caters to a younger crowd, especially families with children. It is much more traditional, and focused on the same activities as Día de los Muertos a couple of days after.

It’s a little bit more serious and sombre in the Christian Spanish way, but some kids do take part in trick-or-treating among the community.

We’ve really got to stress that Halloween, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and costume making are not deeply rooted in Spanish culture at this time of year. In and around Torrevieja, many families have adopted it in their own way, making it part of the more traditional Christian customs at this time of year.

For young (or not so young) adults, the nightlife in Torrevieja around Halloween is chock full of spooky-themed parties, pub crawls and events. It’s a bit more removed from quieter communities, and you wouldn’t know it was Halloween unless you were out looking for it!

And if it is what you’re looking for, then check out what’s happening here.

What if you’re not into Halloween?

If Halloween isn’t your bag, and the cold weather in the UK (or wherever you are) is already getting you down, then October is probably one of the best times to visit Torrevieja for you. The weather in the October-January period is cooler, but by no means cold – and wetter, but by no means a washout.

And if you’d rather have your exposure to Halloween in dribs and drabs than plastered all over the place, then you’ll find Torrevieja to be quite a welcoming place!

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