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The sea, the spray, that tantalising tug on the line... if you like nothing more than a spot of fishing, Torrevieja could be the holiday destination for you. Historically a small fishing town, Torrevieja has a close connection to the sea and the creatures which live beneath the waves, as evidenced by the superb selection of seafood on offer at local restaurants and available for purchase at the Mercado Central La Plasa.


The seafood on Torrevieja's delectable menus may be scrumptious, but sometimes there's just no beating the taste of a fish you've caught yourself. Whether you enjoy fishing for sport or for supper, you'll find no end of opportunities to enjoy the bounties of the Costa Blanca's waters during your stay.


Catch of the day


So what fish can you expect to reel aboard during your Torrevieja fishing trip? This largely depends on the season you're visiting this Easterly corner of Spain. The best fishing months in the region are June, July and August, which is when you're most likely to land a catch, particularly of the big bluefin tuna which pass along this stretch of coastline as they swim the Mediterranean.


Throughout the year, you can also expect to catch dentex, snapper, mackerel and bream, amongst others. Chat to the locals to find out what's in season and turn on the charm to find out more about the best fishing spots (if you're planning a solo expedition).


Going it alone


If you're an experienced angler and plan to take a boat out alone or as part of your group, you may run into a few difficulties. That's because fishing in the area is carefully controlled, which means you'll need a license for both boat and shore fishing. These licenses are not available on a short-term basis, but are not expensive to purchase if you want to stay on the right side of law and avoid nasty fines. Shore licenses are around €20 and boat licences are a little more.


Torrevieja fishing trips


If you'd rather avoid the hassle of arranging a fishing license, there are many boats in Torrevieja which offer fishing expeditions to visitors from all over the world - of all abilities. Booking a fishing trip in Torrevieja aboard one of these vessels may cost slightly more but will be a much more straightforward process - and you can benefit from local knowledge about the best fishing spots.


Some boats also include optional extras including water sports which will turn your fishing expedition into an adventure-packed day, based on your preferences.


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