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Gluten-free foodWhether you're coeliac, gluten-intolerant or simply trying to avoid the substance for your own dietary reasons, steering clear of the ingredient can feel like a stressful challenge when you're setting off on holiday.


Yet food is a huge part of visiting and enjoying another country and culture. From tapas and gazpacho to tortilla, chorizo and delicious little gambas - Spanish food culture is a huge part of what makes this country so special. It's a cornerstone of the Spanish experience.


So how can you sit back, relax and enjoy the delicious cuisine of Torrevieja on the Spanish Costa Blanca without worrying about accidentally consuming gluten? We have a few helpful pointers to share with you, including tips and restaurant recommendations.


Know the lingo


Well-used to British tourists, almost all waiting staff have a good grasp of English in Torrevieja, but it doesn't hurt to know the lingo, just in case. If you want to request a gluten-free meal, ask whether a meal is "sin gluten" or "libre de gluten." It may also be helpful to know the words for bread ("pan"), wheat ("trigo"), barley ("cebada") and rye ("centeno") - just to double check.


Download a Spanish gluten-free card


If you don't feel confident about communicating your food requirements in Spanish or with local waiting staff, you may want to consider downloading and printing out a gluten-free card from a source like Celiac Travel. This will help ensure that your waiter clearly understands your food requirements.


Enjoy local cuisine


Unlike much British cuisine which is often bread- and gluten-heavy, there is a lot of traditional Spanish food which is absolutely fine to eat. Charcuterie boards of chorizo, jamon, salchichon, lomo and other regional variations are all delicious and great for gluten-free carnivores. Tapas dishes like gambas (prawns) in tomato sauce, chorizo in red wine, patatas bravas, bacalao (salt cod) and many more are also typically gluten-free, as are other must-sample dishes such as Spain's wonderful paellas and tortillas.


Always make sure that you double-check before ordering however, as ingredients including gluten could always be added to recipes. Make extra certain that your bowl of gazpacho hasn't been thickened with bread or wheat flour.


Where to eat gluten-free in Torrevieja


Ready to sample the local culinary delights of Torrevieja? The following restaurants have a good reputation for gluten-free meals:


Restaurante Vegetariano


(Pedro Lorca 13, 03180 Torrevieja, Spain)


A great pick for vegetarians trying to stay away from Spain's usual carnivorous fare, this veggie-friendly restaurant is smart when it comes to dietary requirements, with both vegan and gluten-free options on the menu.


Restaurant Sunset Beach


(Avenida Marineros 17, 03182 Torrevieja, Spain)


With a location overlooking the beach, right on the seafront, this restaurant has good reviews from those who are avoiding gluten - they even serve gluten-free bread. The lobster is well worth trying.


Restaurante Christopher


(Urb. Mar Azul C/ Magallanes, 03185 Torrevieja, Spain)


A popular eatery in Torrevieja, Restaurante Christopher gets the thumbs-up from many gluten-free tourists, with knowledgeable staff and clearly marked gluten-free items on the menu too.


Eating in


For self-catering holidays, you'll have no difficulties shopping for gluten-free fare in supermarkets in Torrevieja, where many larger shops have a dedicated "sin gluten" section.


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